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A Connected Business Ecosystem

Power Partners

A Connected Business Ecosystem

About Me

content with substance

I’ve always been a strategic thinker, adventurous, and outgoing with multiple interests. So I guess I was always going to end up in marketing – and my career path was never going to be linear.

My Writing

content with substance

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Business Writing

Has your business delivered an exciting project which you’d like to showcase? Are you pioneering a concept and want to position your brand as an industry thought leader? Perhaps you’ve defined your next business objectives, but need a roadmap to pave the way – or a strategy to incorporate voice of the customer.

Whether it’s bidding for new business, showcasing existing projects or developing a strategy, I can help you achieve your brand goals.

By working together, we’ll combine my business understanding and marketing skills with your inside insights to create compelling material.


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My Blog

My blog began as a way for me to make sense of my thoughts. During a tough time, it was an outlet which brought calm amidst my chaos. I quickly realised that many of my challenges were being experienced by others too, and that sharing my experiences could help. 

I write candidly about situations I face and how I overcome them. I share things like my MBA experiences – the highs and the not so often spoken about lows, how I’ve coped through transitions and my job search insights. 

I hope that by reading my blog you’ll get to know me a bit better, and leave feeling a little more inspired.