5 Steps To Get Out Of An Emotional Slump Right Now

I spent today consciously reconnecting with my sacral chakra. Yes, I know that sounds ‘out there’. And no, I don’t spend my days playing with crystals and so on. Just hear me out.

How Are You, Really?

I recently realised that I need to stop waiting for things to change before I begin living my life. The stress and isolation of lockdown fooled me into believing that I no longer have a life worth living.

Like many of you, I rode the Corona-coaster through denial, fear and paranoia. My world became increasingly smaller and I began existing in a tiny bubble of isolation. I craved connection, yet lacked motivation to reach out. Many days I felt too depressed to answer my family’s check-in calls.

Without realising it, I had begun to value myself less. Self-doubt had overshadowed self-love.

We’ll be okay, right? Wrong.

It’s really easy to lose touch with ourselves during stressful times. There are so many things requiring our attention and, somehow, these seem more important than self-care.

It took a conscious reminder from a friend for me to realise that my energy has been out of sync. I’d allowed external factors to amplify my insecurities and dim my light. It was time to regain control.

Step 1: Act With Intention
I began by setting an intention for the day when I went to bed. I planned to enjoy my Saturday by focusing on the small joys, such as having the house to myself. I fell asleep to a guided meditation, further cementing my intentions to reconnect with my inner being.

Step 2: Do What Makes You Feel Good
I woke feeling refreshed and set the tone for the day with upbeat music. I consciously chose red garments when I dressed – one of my favourite colours and one I associate with positive energy, happiness, confidence and success.

Step 3: Embrace Connection
A friend whom I’d not spoken to in months texted out of the blue and we ended up speaking for hours. She kept me company while I cooked and ate breakfast, and for the rest of the morning thereafter.

Step 4: Treat Yourself
The weather was gorgeous and I decided it was a pink drink kinda day. I filled my glass and soaked up the sun, poolside. My senses were awakened. My skin felt sun-kissed. I painted my nails.

Step 5: Practise Gratitude
Later that day, my dad and brother called and we chatted, conference style, for hours. Then another friend called, which also turned into a long and much-valued catch-up. None of these calls I made or initiated. I put the energy out there and the universe returned it to me.

So back to the chakra thing. Sacral chakra is all about connection; relationships. But it starts with your relationship with yourself. Love yourself for all that you are right now. Be grateful for what you already have. The rest will come.

Positivity attracts more positivity.

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