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This Simple Mindset Shift Will Change How You Think About Job Searching

After months of applying for jobs and getting nowhere, I was starting to feel really disheartened. But a simple shift in mindset changed my whole approach and perspective.

Change Your Mindset

When I completed my MBA I was on a high. I had just completed what was probably the most intense, but also the most rewarding year of my life. I had new skills, big dreams and I was excited to start putting them into action. I was prepared to spend some time finding the right opportunity. I was prepared to move countries if necessary. I wasn’t prepared for the world to be hit by a pandemic.

After months of unsuccessful job hunting, I was feeling disheartened to the point that I was ready to give up altogether. But this simple shift in mindset gave me a renewed sense of direction:

It starts with you.

Your job search starts with your desires, your objectives, your motivators. It should not start with the opportunities being advertised, and it should not be motivated by what employers want. Instead, your job search strategy should be driven by:

  • What you want,
  • What you have to offer and
  • What you’re passionate about doing.

Focus Your Effort

For a long time, I was frustrated by the fact that my versatile skill set enabled me to do many jobs. This meant that many roles could potentially be a fit, and I was confused. I often submitted applications just for the sake of doing so. Once I realised that, actually, I was going about it back-to-front, I changed my strategy.

I spent time thinking about what I offer an organisation. I considered what I am passionate about and allowed myself to acknowledge my past achievements. This enabled me to identify my desires, objectives and motivators.

Next, I was able to develop my value proposition, which meant I could confidently articulate who I am.

I’m still in the market, but I no longer approach job searching with dread and hopelessness. Instead, I feel motivated because I know what I want and I have a plan. And I firmly believe that approaching something with a positive mindset will always get you further in life than a negative one.

Start Here

Answering these questions helped me to focus my search and change my mindset.

  1. What type of career would you like to build?
  2. Which types of activities would you like to be able to say you’ve been involved in?
  3. When do you feel most alive?

The answers to these questions will be a good start in developing your value proposition, and identifying the roles that match with your objectives.

Happy hunting!

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